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Putting off clothes

While returning to EscortFox home after marriage he told me in my ear that today be ready for sex and after listening these words I start feel like to faint and urinate. Somehow night came and EscortFox entered in my room and immediately bolted the door from inside and quickly come up on the bed where I was folded myself inside the quilt. He took out the quilt and told me, “Why you are wearing this gold and this much dress. Now its role finished. Take it out, I want to see you without all these.” But I was lying as it is on closing my eyes. After a moment while there was no movement from my side, he himself start taking out my ear-rings, nose-ring, and other jewelry items and keep requesting me to get up and seat down. Few of my jewelry which was attached to my hair he could not take out because of my hair was jumbled in and around that jewelry, but kept on trying to take out. When he could not take out then I got up and helped him to take all the jewelry out. I was smiling on seeing EscortFox becoming impatient.

After taking all the jewelry out he start taking out my clothes and within a minute he made me full naked. I was seating full naked in front of him and I was smiling on seeing his eye became bigger on watching my naked virgin body. First of all he kept his hand on my boobs and told me you really beautiful and your boob is tight and well shaped. In no moment he took out his clothes. His erected 6”+ lund was in full erection but that time he himself was inexperienced that time and confused from where to start. Though I was very familiar about EscortFox and his habits that is why soon my nervousness got out. He started kissing my lips, sucking my nipples and helped me to lay down on bed so that he can see the glance of my choot. He kept on seeing my choot for so many minutes and then started his hand move on it slowly. Soon I start feeling excitement and start cooperating him. In fact myself was becoming impatient to have sex with EscortFox quickly.

After fall EscortFox lay down beside me and start controlling his fast breath. We soon slept but after one hour EscortFox again got up and rided on my body and fucked me till explosion and again he lay down beside me and slept. In suhaag raat EscortFox fucked me seven times in different time gaps. After suhaag raat EscortFox kept on fucking me 4-5 times daily. After one week we made a plan for Kathmandu (Nepal) for honeymoon to enjoy more. After reaching there we checked in a hotel and just after getting in the room EscortFox made me naked and start fucking me with his great hungry lund. By this time EscortFox has developed some idea how fuck so that total of his lund can go inside my choot. Those honeymoon days I enjoyed too much.